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LGBT Teachers in Educate Together Schools

Paul Rowe, CEO

As the storms crash in, all kinds of issues are tumbling around. Uniforms in schools, Union resistance to reforms, outlandish claims aimed at suppressing free speech about homophobia, and now the rights of LGBT teachers in Irish schools. Where to start? Today for one.

The Irish Times says that Irish schools are failing LGBT teachers. Well, in Educate Together schools we do not discriminate against the LGBT community. We have no exemption from Equal Status legislation and don't want one. We don't require teachers to teach religious views that conflict their conscience either. The government may indeed be failing the LGBT community by not repealing Section 37 of the Employment Equality Act. But in the meantime, in Educate Together schools, LGBT teachers can be open and confident that their sexuality will never be an issue in any recruitment or promotion or other process.


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