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Pauline Quinn, Aston Village ETNS

Pauline Quinn, of Aston Village ETNS, on Educate Together and St Patrick's College of Education Post-gradate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education. 

'I was one of the first students on the Postgraduate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education. I am delighted to have participated in the course as I found it very enjoyable and hugely beneficial to my teaching and in my role as deputy principal of an Educate Together National School.

Before beginning the course one of my main concerns was the time commitment.  However, it was very manageable. The course is made up of a combination of online lectures and two Saturdays per module. There is one assignment for each of the four modules.  There is a lot of choice as regards the assignments and I chose topics relevant to me and my school.  Consequently I found them very interesting and dare I say enjoyable. For example for the Teacher as an Ethical Leader Module I recorded a lesson with my class and incorporated my analysis into my essay.  There was one group assignment.  We had to present a lesson and it was great fun to see everyone presenting (once we had our own presentation done and dusted).  

I had never participated in online lectures before doing this course. I thought that it would be difficult to engage with the lecturer and the other students as we would not be all together in the same room.  However, I actually really enjoyed the online lectures as you can attend the lectures without leaving the house plus I found them interactive because there are opportunities for comments and discussions in small groups. Having met the other students before meeting them online was nice as you could put faces to the voices and names.  

One of the most enjoyable elements of the course was spending time with the other students. I looked forward to the Saturday lectures. We had many interesting discussions about the course. The students were from different backgrounds so we all brought different perspectives to the discussions.  

I would recommend this course to all teachers in Educate Together schools. It was great to spend time discussing some of the everyday situations we meet in school and examining them through an ethical lens. The course is very enjoyable and the course material was very relevant, current and thoroughly researched. The lecturers were clearly interested in the course content and were very knowledgeable.'  

Enrolments for the Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education, developed by St Patrick’s College in partnership with Educate Together are now open for 2014 / 2015. Further information on enrolments here


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