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Educate Togethers’ Proclamations for a New Generation

Amanda Lyons, Communications Assistant

Classes from all schools around Ireland were invited to write new Proclamations for 2016, reflecting the values, ideals and aspirations of our generation for Ireland in the next 100 years. We’ve had a chance to view Proclamations from Educate Together national schools from around the country.

A lot of thought and effort has gone into drafting these documents. Newbridge Educate Together were fortunate enough to have their Proclamations printed in Liberty Hall, the same place where the 1916 proclamation was printed a hundred years ago. 

Some interesting themes can be seen in the Educate Together proclamations: Love, respect and equality for all, for the elderly, for men and women, for those with disabilities and a special focus for families without homes. 

Every Educate Together Proclamation stresses the importance of providing homes for all the citizens of Ireland. Educate Together students express how important it is to have a home, to feel protected, safe, loved and warm each day. 

The need to keep Ireland a beautiful, green and environmentally friendly country is another theme common to many of the Proclamations. Students want a clean environment, a country free from litter and pollution. They hope that Ireland can use more renewable energy now and into the future. 

Ireland is spoken of as the land of a thousand welcomes and the need to keep welcoming all visitors to our nation is emphasised. The Proclamations wish for free education and healthcare to all people regardless of skin, colour, gender and religion. Equality is important in our schools and in these Proclamations we see that it is important for all citizens into the future. Pupils would also like Ireland to be a place were refugees are welcomed and embraced. 

The Educate Together Proclamations talk of the brave men and women who fought for our freedom. Pupils hope that the people of Ireland can continue to live in peace for the next 100 years. This freedom also means that Ireland can be a place where individuality can blossom and nobody is judged for how they look. These proclamations wish for a bright, peaceful, green, equality-based nation where all its citizens are treated fairly.



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