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Tribute to Bianca Ní Ghrógháin

Paul Rowe, CEO, Educate Together

I am shocked and really stunned to hear of the untimely and sudden death of Bianca Ní Ghrógháin, an inspirational teacher and innovative educationalist.

I was privileged to know Bianca in the course of her work in Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School, as an advisor for technology in education and in her recent work as a PhD researcher in DCU.

Bianca was an incredibly positive, lively and enthusiastic teacher and learner. Passionate about the learning of the children in her care, passionate about technology in education and passionate about education in itself.

She also had a deep commitment to equality and human rights as anyone who followed her on-line would know especially from her recent referendum commentary.

In her new role in DCU, Bianca was finding more time to help a wider circle and was starting to help us in Educate Together with our ICT learning strategy and plans for our on-line courses for teachers.

I last met Bianca at the BETT (British Educational Training and Technology) exhibition in London this Spring, where we attended a presentation on the Classdojo web application on the Google stand. She was keen, carefully evaluating many technologies on offer and very experienced in separating the commercial hype from real educational value. She was great company, witty and incredibly quick on the uptake on almost any subject.

She will be greatly missed by all in her school, her university and her wide on-line community. 

Our heartfelt condolences to her family and all her friends and colleagues.

Her energy and enthusiasm will be long in our memory


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