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2016 In Review: Onwards and Upwards!

Paul Rowe, CEO, Educate Together

Thank you to all our supporters, staff, parents and pupils for a wonderful 2016! I hope you have a super winter break with family and friends and that 2017 will be another great year. 2016 saw Educate Together pupil numbers exceed 23,000 pupils for the first time and the total of our schools in Ireland reach 90. With your support we are playing our part in making equality-based schools available...

Raising Student Voices Raises the Roof at Educate Together Ethical Education Conference 2016

Sandra Irwin-Gowran, Education and Support Programme Manager

Last month the second annual Educate Together Ethical Education Conference was held in Dublin. The theme of “Raising Student Voices” was carefully chosen in line with the Educate Together Charter. The Conference is primarily geared towards teachers and aims to build the capacity of Educate Together teachers in the area of Ethical Education; to provide opportunities to learn from peers and of...

What Can Educate Together Offer Your Child?

Educate Together is unique in education. Since its establishment in 1978 it has evolved a model of education that is based on equality and human rights. Right now, there are 21,000 children in Educate Together schools and constant demands from families for more places. This is testament to the value and success of our model of education. Educate Together schools do not perceive children as...

President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins and the Educate Together movement

Amanda Lyons, Communications Assistant

It would seem quite natural that the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, will be attending Educate Together’s AGM this coming Saturday 21st May. The President and his wife are both long term supporters of the Educate Together movement. Both were founding members, as well as active Board members, of the Galway School Project (now Galway Educate Together NS), one of Ireland’s first equality-...

Educate Togethers’ Proclamations for a New Generation

Amanda Lyons, Communications Assistant

Classes from all schools around Ireland were invited to write new Proclamations for 2016, reflecting the values, ideals and aspirations of our generation for Ireland in the next 100 years. We’ve had a chance to view Proclamations from Educate Together national schools from around the country. A lot of thought and effort has gone into drafting these documents. Newbridge Educate Together were...

The Religious Void In Irish Education

Paul Rowe, CEO

I was a bit taken aback to read the statements attributed to Fr Paul Connell, president of the Joint Managerial Body and the Association of Management of Catholic Secondary Schools, as reported in the Irish Times on Friday 29th April. In the article, Fr. Connell is reported to have stated that “Dismantling the Catholic ethos of schools would leave children in a moral vacuum and in danger of...

Statement on 2016 Second-level Process

Amy Mulvihill, New Schools Programme Manager

On foot of yesterday’s announcement of the commencement of the process for new second-level schools, we at Educate Together would like to clarify how these Department of Education and Skills (DES) processes are decided upon and how they work.  The requirement for a new school is decided by the DES based on their analysis of demographic growth and the resultant need for school places. Yesterday...

Ireland once again embarrassed by the UN over discrimination in education

Paul Rowe, CEO, Educate Together

The Irish government has once again been examined by the UN human rights committee in Geneva.  Now a member of the Human Rights Committee, the Irish state places great value on this forum. The regular questions over lack of choice of schools and religious discrimination in school admissions have come up. The hearing in Geneva is the latest in a series of examinations dating back to 2005, in which...

Deconstructing The Arguments Against Change

Joseph Greene, Parent and Educate Together Campaigner

As people all over Ireland continue to lobby for equal access to schools and equal respect for all children within the classroom, Joseph Greene, an Educate Together parent-campaigner, has identified a number of arguments that are posited repeatedly. Here he refutes them and proves indisputably that this situation is not, and has never been, acceptable.  Argument 1: Over-subscription of schools is...

Like 'A Punch in the Stomach'

Nikki Murphy, Parent and Educate Together campaigner

Nikki Murphy, parent and a member of the Terenure Educate Together National School Start-Up Group and one of the founders of Education Equality describes how her son has been turned away from his local schools because he is not baptised. Education Equality will hold its official launch this Saturday 12 December at 11am in the Alexander Hotel, Dublin 2. All are welcome to come along.    We...

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Educate Together welcomes the publication of a tender notice on the Government’s e-tender site to commission Fire Safety Audits for schools...

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