Staffing and Redeployment Panels

13 Dec 2017

Supplementary Panel 2018/2019 School Year

The Department of Education and Skills published Circular 68/2017 which sets out the arrangements for access to the supplementary redployment panles for the 2018/2018 school year for eligible primary tecahers in fixed term/temporary positions and part time positions in recognised primary schools.

Tecahers wishing to be considered for the 2018/2019 Supplementary Panel must return thier complted application to Primary Allocations in the Deapartment of Education and Skills on or before Friday 8th Decemeber 2017.

Information for teachers who have Main or Supplementary redeployment panel rights but are currently teaching in a school outside of the Educate Together network.

There is an opportunity for teachers who have either Main or Supplementary panel rights but are currently teaching in school outside of the Educate Together network to apply to Educate Together for inclusion on the Educate Together panel. Teachers who wish to be considered must contact Jessica Simpson at  the Educate Together National Office.

-     A cover letter which includes details of:

(a) Which panel the teacher wishes to apply for (Main or Supplementary)

(b) Why the teacher wishes to teach in an Educate Together school

(c) Confirmation from the candidate that a panel rights application form was submitted before the deadline (8th December 2017) to the Department of Education and Skills (supplementary panel only)

(d) Which counties/areas the candidate is interested in seeking a post. 

Please note that while the Educate Together redeployment panel is a national panel, teachers (particularly teachers on the Supplementary Panel) are obliged to comply with redeployment arranagements for accepting a post in a school e.g. teachers on the supplementary panel must accept any offers of a place within 45km of their base school (on which they accquired panel rights.)

-        A CV outlining all relevant experience.

The application must include confirmation of at least one of the following: 

(a) The applicant is currently enrolled or a graduate of the Postgraduate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education from St Patrick’s College of Education/DCU

(b) The applicant is a graduate of an Educate Together approved College of Education course on Educate Together and the Learn Together curriculum available in the following:

·       Mary Immaculate College of Education

·       Marino Institute of Education

·       Church of Ireland College of Education/DCU

·       Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education (Maynooth University)

       (c) Teaching experience in an Educate Together school

(d) Completion of an Educate Together Summer Course

(e) Applicant has completed a course in Ethical Ed as part of the B.Ed programme in St Patrick’s College Drumcondra/DCU

-         Contact details of at least two work referees.

The deadline for the submission of applications is 5pm on Thursday 25th January 2018. 

No late applications will be accepted.

Transfers from other panels to the Educate Together panel is completely at the discretion of Educate Together.



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