Courses & CPD

Summer Courses 2017


Course 1: Ethical Education in Educate Together Schools

Learn about:

  • The background to Educate Together;
  • Educate Together’s Ethical Education curriculum: the Learn Together;
  • Resources for teaching the Learn Together.

This course addresses the four strands of the Learn Together  and is filled with ideas and resources for the classroom. The course has been recently updated. Contemporary issues  have been addressed and ground-breaking lesson ideas included, all in a fresh new look and interface

Course 2: Teaching Ethics and Social Justice

This course looks in depth at the Equality and Justice and Ethics and the Environment strands of the Learn Together. It addresses the following areas, highlighting teaching resources in each:

  • climate change
  • people who make a difference
  • democracy and activism
  • diversity and identity
  • inequality and access to resources.
  • July 17th - Aug 11th: Registration

All courses have been approved by the DES for EPV days.

Do I need computer skills for the online course? 

The online course is accessible to anyone with basic computer skills. You will need to have access to a broadband internet connection. 

How do I sign up my course? 

Just click the links above to register for your chosen course.

Please note that you will first need to log in or register an account on  Registration is free and easy!


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