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When we talk about Volunteering, it is often in the context of the Ethos of Parental Involvement. Volunteering has always played an important role and been a backbone in the development of Educate Together Schools.

Volunteering with Educate Together provides people with the opportunity to be directly involved in changing the course of Education in Ireland.

Charter for Effective Volunteering

A very useful place to start is the Charter for Effective Volunteering. This one page document outlines the rights and responsibilities between both the volunteer and the organisation. It was developed by Volunteering Ireland, the national volunteer development agency, as a guide to supporting effective and well managed volunteer programmes.

TEMPLATE: Volunteer Role Description

Volunteer Role Descriptions are useful for both the school and the volunteer. They provide a clear statement about what the volunteer will be expected to do, and how they will be supported in doing it. Role Descriptions should also outline what some of the benefits might be in volunteering for the specific role. They also help to prevent confusion or misunderstandings.

The Volunteer role should be clearly defined and have specific tasks outlined. Giving particular responsibilities to volunteers is a crucial part of managing volunteers, ensuring that their work adds value and that it serves a purpose. Giving volunteers some authority over what they do creates a personal sense of ownership.

For the school, composing role descriptions helps to establish exactly how volunteers fit into the school community. Role descriptions and person specifications make the process of recruiting, interviewing and selecting volunteers easier as they usually attract a more suitably qualified person in the first instance, and also gives the interviewer the opportunity to find out if the potential volunteer is a good fit for the role.

We have created a Volunteer Role Description Template which you may find useful to adapt from, for any of your volunteer roles, from Board of Management positions to school musicians!

TEMPLATE: Volunteer Application Form

It is often useful to have a little extra information on volunteers, and what their experience is which they can bring to a role. Asking a volunteer to complete an Application form provides you with necessary information, and gives the volunteer an idea of the expectations you have around the relationship between them and the school. You will find a Volunteer Application Form Template here which you may find useful. Please feel free to adapt this document to suit the particular needs of your school.

TEMPLATE: Volunteer Agreement Form

When involving volunteers, it it very important that all parties know who is responsible for what, and who to go to when things go wrong or responsibilities get confused. Having a signed agreement in place has proven to be extremely useful for both the organisation and the volunteer and provides the basis for a very strong and effective relationship to develop. You will find a Volunteer Agreement Form Template here, which we hope you find useful. Again, please feel free to adapt this to suit the needs of your own school.

Educate Together Volunteer Policy

Download and read Educate Together's Volunteer Policy here.

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